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mar - dec, 2017 and beyond

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The International Online Alpaca Summit 

Your Couch, Car, or Run.....
mar - dec, 2017

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The Most Exciting Alpaca Event of the Year!

Who Is This Event For?

- Current Alpaca Breeders, Product Providers, Service Providers, or any other Business Groups who want to Grow their Businesses sustainably.

- Future or Curious Potential Alpaca Business Owners who want to get a jump start on their possible new busineses.

- Current Alpaca Owners who just love this breed and want to learn more about it.


If you have any questions about this new event feel free to email me at

What Questions Do You Have?

Where is the Event?
Awesome news: This conference is wherever you are! This online only virtual event means that there is no physical location that you have to travel to, meaning you’ll be joined by expert instructors and fellow alpaca enthusiasts from around the globe! And this also means you get on demand access to the transcripts, audio, and video from every session, the Exhibit Hall and our Live Broadcasts from Alpaca Events!

What's New for 2017?
Amazing News for 2017 - We are merging with the Ecolonomic Action Team (EAT) to give all of our members a better and even more far-reaching experience.  We are moving the Alpaca Summit site from it's current location to within the EAT platform and you will soon have access to not only all the Alpaca Summit info, but also many hours a week of live interaction with other experts and information about "earth friendly" opportunities and knowledge. More importantly, you will have a much larger network of "Community Members" with whom to interact and network, and maybe even do some business with!  This community is over 8000 people strong all over the world and is growing daily. The website is and you will get login instructions to it once we have moved our site.  Keep your eyes open!

How Long Are Each of the Featured Speaker Sessions?
Each of the sessions is about 50 minutes long with  20-30 min. of Q&A after each.

How Do I Join a Featured Speaker Session?
When you register, we’ll set you up in our online classroom so that you can join and participate in all live sessions from any device, and then of course access all recordings after the event as well!

How Do I Watch Replays of the Featured Speaker Sessions?
You will login to the online classroom that you get set up in when you register. All recorded videos, as well as audio, transcripts, and more will be available on demand!

How Can I Ask Questions During A Session?
During the live sessions we will have a “Raise Your Hand” feature allowing you to ask your question to the expert during the Q&A. Using our new platform you will even be able to come online live yourself if you would like to do so.  You’ll also, upon registering, get access to our private interactive Forum group where you can chat before, during, and after the event with the Featured Speakers, as well as fellow attendees!

What Do You Mean You are Going to Broadcast from Live Alpaca Events?
This will be very cool!  I do not think anyone has ever done this at an alpaca event - ever! We will have professional announcers and Interviewers in a broadcast booth (kind of like "ESPN - Sportscenter") for shows that will be interviewing breeders, vendors, spectators, etc.  They will be commentating on the results of the show.  For example they may say something like "We just heard that the White Suri Male Color Championship has been awarded and it looks like ..... has won! We are going to see if we can get them over here to talk with us and maybe even show us the new Champion!". We will have many other recorded segments, and much, much more!

When Can I Sign Up?
You can sign up now for FREE!  The event and the replays will be available for you in the Conference Center Online until the end of May, 2016. If you register now you will also immediately get replays from all the 30+ hours of replays from 2015.  But you better sign up soon, because we will likely start charging between $50 and $150 to be able to get the over 70 hours of amazing video and content you can get FREE if you sign up now (Remember this includes last years content also)!  Don't wait.  There were be some special  
BONUSES for early adopters!

Who are the Organizers of The Alpaca Summit Event?
This innovative and new event are being produced by the Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE).  This business service is being offerred as a benifit of this prominent 501C3 Non-Profit - Wayne Dorband is the President of IOE and he is passionate about Making the Planet better with alpacas as a big part of the equation. Wayne and his wife Deb are also dedicated alpaca breeders and own Mountain Sky Ranch and Alpacas in Northern Colorado.  They feel that this event will provide a level of education, visibility and excitement to the existing alpaca industry and more importantly to new and potential alpaca business prospects! They love this breed and industry and are commited to its success!


Find Out More

Featured Speakers

We are right now Booking our Speakers for 2016
Some of Our Amazing Featured Speakers from 2015 are Listed Below

Schedule and featured speakers

Check out our All Star Speaker Lineup!

All times are tentative.  You will learn more when you REGISTER FREE!

Exhibit Hall

  • You Can Visit the Online Virtual Exhibit Hall and Shop at the Booth's of our Amazing Vendors and Exhibitors 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week from Feb. through April 

  • Open All Day Every Day 24/7.  That's right, whenever you have the Time.

  • Our Exhibitors will Have "Signs" at their Booth's telling you when they will "be there" so you can either chat with them or call them on the phone and talk with them privately - Very Cool!!!

  • Buy and alpaca, a scarf, a breeding. Or, meet someone you have always wanted to meet, but they live in another part of the country or world!

  • If you would like to exhibit yourself, booth spaces are limited. This will likely be the cheapest and most effective maketing you do this year.  You will not believe how cheap a three month long (24 hours every day) booth space will be!  Don;t wait, because the booths are limited and prices will go up!  Get registered now!  See Below.

Live Events

  • Live Broadcast from shows - Many hours as it happens and by replay!

  • Interviews with Exhibitors, Vendors, Sponsors, Speakers, Spectators and More.

  • Hear interviews with the show winners and even get to see their animals - and their fleece!

  • Interact with others that are viewing also and share stories and comments!

  • If you can't be there live you can watch the replay at your leisure. 

Featured Speakers from 2015 - 2016

  • Julie Skinner - Snowmass Alpacas

  • Jude Anderson and Al Cousill - Pucara International

  • Sharon Loner - Mile High Alpacas

    Scott and Debbie Miller - Crescent Moon Alpacas

  • Tim Vincent - Celebrity Sales

    Rob Stephens - RobAsia 

  • Ian and Jennifer Lutz - Cas-Cad-Nac 

    Mike McDermott - Suncrest Mill and Alpacas

  • Tripp Forsner - TNT and Magical Farms

    Julie and Mike Delaney - Irish Meadows

  • Veterinarian Panel - Tim Holt, Richard Wheeler

    Mike Safley - Quechua Benefit

    Lynn Edens - Our Back 40 and Little Creek Alpacas

    Debbie Harden - Silver Penn Sales and West Penn Alpacas

  • Four other Featured Speakers to be Announced.

    Tentative - Ian Davison, Mark & Sharon Milligan & Michel Enterprises (Peru)

  • Specific Dates for Each Speaker to be Provided to All Attendees when Finalized.

Let Us Know if There are Any Amazing Speakers that You Would Like to See Us Interview?

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  • Live Broadcast from the Futurity - Two Days - Interviews, Commentary, More!
  • Networking with Hundreds of other Attendees
  • Bonus Speakers
  • Replays of All Speakers and the Futurity
  • Interact and Ask Questions
  • Other Bonuses

After May 2017

  • Definitely Will Have a Cost. Don't Wait
  • Continued Access to the Exhibity Hall
  • Replays of all 16 Featured Speakers
  • Replay of the Futurity

more about the event

Discover the Secrets of Alpaca Experts. The biggest names and brightest minds in the industry join forces to teach you the keys to turning your alpaca business into something more.

Live Interactive Online Sessions - More than Sixteern (16) sessions with over 40 hours of live, actionable training that puts you in the “classroom” with the experts.

Unlimited Access to Session Media All attendees will get on demand access to audio and video recordings of each session of the summit.

Networking with Fellow Alpaca Enthusiasts - Almost as valuable as the presentations will be the time in the virtual hallways with your fellow attendees.

Live Broadcasts - First of its Kind Ever last year!! From the Futurity in Kansas City.  Many People say this is the most prestigious alpaca show in the world!  You may not be able to be there live, but you can now enjoy the next best thing sitting in your living room when it is happening or by replay! This year we will be in many more events!


Thanks to Our Exhibitors.  Please Register so you can visit them in our Exhibit Hall 24 hours per day, every day through th entire Alpaca Summit.

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This just might be the most inexpensive place you can market and advertise this Year!!


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